• "I want my music to be accessible to every listener because I know that I really have something to say in terms of really, you know, removing thorns from people, thorns that really makes us unaware that we are bleeding with these thorns, like pain, grief, jealousy and so on"

    Vusi Sidney Mahlasela Ka Zwane African folk Singer, "The Voice of South Arica"
  • "Creating music & arts that relates to ordinary people with ordinary lifestyles gives you a taste of success even without getting millions out of It. Its For the love and the satisfaction to ones creative buds."

    Jonah Mabushe DNC Music, CEO

Why choose us?


Artists for a very long time have created good work and not benefited from their creativity, As DNC Music our Vision is to see African artists ripping and growing from their gifts.


DNC Music believes that there is a sustainable audience not only in South Africa, but worldwide, that shares our extreme passion for the art of music and movie making with an original African taste. We intend to Create a new independent recording enterprise to manage, produce and distribute musical & visual contents of good quality with an African beat. Establish and maintain a viable local point–of-purchase sales distribution network.

Commitment To Developing the Less Previleged Artists

DNC Music has proved that its committed to developing raw talent from un-recognised up and coming artists.